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Virtual Keyboard

The use of Virtual Keyboard on login is one of the security features available to Arab Bank for Investment & Foreign Trade (AL MASRAF) Online Banking. With a Virtual Keyboard, you can enter your User ID and password on screen with the help of your mouse rather than your physical Keyboard.

Virtual keyboard is designed dynamically to protects you from malicious 'Spy Ware' and 'Trojan Programs' that download themselves to your computer and create keystroke logs that can be used to gain access to your accounts.

Virtual Keyboard is enabled by default as an online Banking security, you can uncheck the virtual key board and use the normal key board to enter your log-in details. However we recommend that you always use Virtual Keyboard when logging-in to protect your password.

Virtual keyboard alone will not ensure online security. You should always have an update to date virus scanner and firewall on your computer.

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