Welcome to Al Masraf online banking

Online Banking Registration

The first step is to enter the Al Masraf URL www.almasraf.ae in the address bar of the browser. After entering the URL, select online banking then customer will be directed to the landing page. In the landing page, user can select New Register.

New User Registration

In order to access the online services, customers have to register themselves to Retail Online Banking System. To register, customers have to click on the 'New User Registration' hyperlink available on Online Banking page.

On click of 'New User Registration' hyperlink, customers will be re directed to the next page.

The following mandatory fields should be filled in by the customer

Filed Name Mandatory/ Optional Field Type
Debit/Credit/Covered Card Number Mandatory Key In your 16 Digit
Debit/Credit/Covered CARD NO Mandatory Key in your Debit/Credit/Covered PIN number

The customer should fill in the following fields before creating a new user Id and password,

Step 1: The customer should enter the complete Debit/Credit/Covered Number

Step 2: The customer should enter the Debit/Credit/Covered PIN

When the customer clicks on the 'Submit' button after filling up all the mandatory fields, they will be directed to the page to input OTP ( One time password) the activation code received on their personal mobile number registered with Bank.

After entering the correct OTP received on your personal mobile,

Please press Submit button.

You will be directed to next page, users can create a unique Customer Id and login password for themselves.

The following mandatory fields should be filled in by the user.

Filed Name Mandatory/ Optional Field Type Field Length
User Id Mandatory Text Box 8 - 12 characters
Login Password Mandatory Text Box 8 - 20 characters
Confirm Login Password Mandatory Text Box 8- 20 Characters

Step 1: Please create your own user ID (User ID minimum 8 characters max 12 characters) is Unique and system will display a message if any other customer is has already register with same user ID.

Step 2: Enter your new login Password (please follow password tips provided on the screen)

Step 3: Confirm Login Password. Re-enter your login password to confirm

Useful Tips:

  1. User Id: The User Id should be a blend of numbers and alphabets. It should not contain any special characters.
  2. Login Password: The Login password should be a string of numbers and characters that is difficult to find but easy to remember. Usage of special characters is allowed but repetition of same characters/numbers more than three times is prohibited
  3. Please follow the Password tips to choose your own password
  4. User is required to tick the 'Terms & Conditions' check box compulsorily.
  5. To read the Terms & Conditions the hyperlink is to be clicked.
  6. Click Submit for authentication.

On successful completion of registration process following message will appear as

Now you can login to Online Banking with your USER ID and access your account.

"Congratulations!! Your User Id has been Successfully Created".