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Safe Banking Tips for safe use of Online Banking

Arab Bank for Investment & Foreign Trade (AL MASRAF) has always placed information safety and security as its utmost priority by adapting the best effective state-of-the-art international information security practices and controls. We also monitor the Internet for illegal or unauthorized use of the Bank name, this process includes detecting incidents of fraudulent web sites that look similar to AL MASRAF's logo as such sites can post threats to the privacy and security of our customers.

It is very important that we share with you the most common and growing information security threats to ensure protection of your personal information from such threats, they may include

  1. Keep your Operating System updated with the latest security updates and patches.
  2. Ensure Antivirus is installed and configured to install updates automatically.
  3. Ensure your Antivirus is equipped with Antispyware and Firewall.
  4. Review your Internet security settings in the browser
  5. Keep your Password/PIN/TPIN confidential. Remember it should never be shared with anyone, even with AL MASRAF staff.
  6. Change your password regularly
  7. To login into Al Masraf Online Banking, ensure you type www.AL MASRAF.ae and avoid following any links received via e-mail, SMS, etc.
  8. Ensure your personal, identification and address details are up to date in our bank records.
  9. Please dont forget to log off when accessing your Online banking from public areas such as internet cafes, coffee shop, and airport lounges etc.